Special works

In the last 20 years the Laboratory of Civil Engineering Bucharest leadership was constantly preoccupied with the displacement of obsolete equipment and machinery.

It was initiated a campaign for revamping and upgrading of performance art, which continue to this day. It is following in such way the improvement of the performed work quality , the possibility of a range of works of high complexity, increased productivity, and last but not least to respect the safety standards and environmental protection work environment, reminded here:

    Machine for determination of aggregates crushing resistance ,type Los Angeles
    Apparatus for determining the limit of elasticity of the ground
    Drilling and cutting tools and Hilti diamond coring
    High precision electronic scales
    Non-destructive control devices ( sclerometer, ultrasonic devices)

An important advantage over the competition is the staff specialization and experience who receives specific laboratory training for non-destructive behavior and constructions behavior, with the possibility of taking quick decisions for specific solutions.